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"Explain why a growing child needs each of the 5 main food groups"

The five main food groups are



Dairy products

Fruit and vegetables


Children need to eat the five main food groups to have a balanced diet, a balanced diet has many benefits. The main one is physical health, it can also have mental health benefits.

What foods do each of these groups contain?

Carbohydrates- bread, potatoes, rice, pasta

Protein- lean beef, eggs, fish, nuts

Dairy products- milk, cheese, yogurt

Fruit and vegetables- apples, carrots, strawberries, peas

Fats and sugars- avocado, salmon, seeds

Why do children need a balanced diet of these food groups? They produce needed nutrients, carbohydrates provide long lasting energy, which maintians awareness and fuels the brain. Protines build and help maintain body tissue, dairy provides calcium to support bone health and contains a wide range of vitamins and minerals. Fruits and Vetetables are high in vitamines, minerals and fiber, which supports the immune system against disease. Fats provides help for the nervous system, it can also help the body absorb some minerals.